Established on July 14, 2022, the Shewa Society Association is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to preserving, promoting, and celebrating the Shewa Society’s rich cultural heritage. The Association pledges to illuminate its history, tradition, and societal norms to the world.

Engaging in a myriad of educational and cultural activities, the Shewa Society Association serves as a conduit through which the stories, beliefs, and practices of the Shewa region flow, educating generations both within and beyond Ethiopia. Bridging the past and present, it stands as a guardian of Shewa’s rich history, ensuring that its vibrant culture, stories of triumph, struggle, and everyday life continue to resonate in the hearts of future generations of Ethiopians.

United under the banner of the Shewa Society Association, individuals come together to delve into the historical intricacies and marvel at the cultural heritage of the Shewa region. Through events, workshops, and educational programs, the association fosters an environment where the essence of Shewa’s culture, from its enchanting music and dance to its venerable traditions, is vivaciously kept alive.

By acting as a lighthouse for the Shewa Society’s heritage, the association not only safeguards its cultural treasures but also embarks on a journey to share the illustrious history and vibrant culture of Shewa with the global community. In doing so, it scribes the indelible mark of Shewa’s society into the annals of global cultural narratives, championing the spirit of cultural exchange and mutual understanding among societies across Ethiopia and the world.